Uninfluence: Expert Advice On University Admissions Launches

Uninfluence is proud to announce the launch of their new website.

What is Uninfluence?
Uninfluence is a startup that offers six-part video course featuring one of the most sought after university admission experts in the US, David Montesano. The course is targeted to high school students looking for help on the college applications process. Uninfluence's curriculum has been produced with feedback from students and parents of prospective college students.

The Unifluence Video Series
The Uninluence Video Series focuses on the admission topics that students most need to define in order to represent themselves in the best way possible in the admission process. Unifluence has condensed the wide range of questions and concerns surrounding college admission into six easy to follow instructional videos.

Video Tutorial Topics

The understanding of these subjects are important for prospective students before submitting their college applications:

1. Defining Your College Needs and Preferences
2. Sizing up You Academic Strengths and Weaknesses
3. Creating Your Lists of Colleges
4. College Admissions Timetable
5. Conquering the College Application Process
6. The Application Walk-Through

Session 1: Defining Your College Needs and Preferences
The first video in the series will help you get a bigger picture of your life by showing you how to:

• focus the process on your specific educational and social needs
• define your vision or life's goal
• explore why it’s important to choose the right college
• find your college "type" and your academic and social requirements
• define areas of academic support for learning disabilities
• spotlight on 5th year pre-med programs.

Session 2: Size Up Your Academic Strengths and Weaknesses
The second video helps you accurately assess your current situation:

• create a list of class activities
• define positive teachers’ comments about your academic performance
• honestly assessing your weaknesses
• learn how to address lower grades or test scores, creating activity sheets
• improve your grades and test scores.

Session 3: Create Your List of Colleges
The third video helps you build a tailor-fit list of colleges:

• determine your academic and social needs,
• summarize your mandatories including, majors, location, cost, and social aspects
• create a list of colleges of 1/3 reach, 1/3 even chance of admission and 1/3 very likely
• review your colleges using StudentsReview.com and each colleges’ websites
• spotlight on example of schools where many employers recruit for jobs
• decide on a balanced list of 10 or fewer colleges that best match your needs.

Session 4: College Admissions Timetable
The fourth video gives you a timeframe and steps toward completion of your applications:

• helps you define and set your goals with respect to college admission
• Provides examples of senior year, junior year, and sophomore year college planning schedules
• looks at employing the 80/20 rule, reviews typical due dates for applications and the benefits of early applications and regular applications
• reviews financial aid deadlines for FAFSA, and a CSS PROFILE, and looks at some scholarship deadlines.

Session 5: Conquer the College Application Process
The fifth video delves into the nuts and bolts of the college admission process:
• essay writing techniques for writing personal statements
• supplemental essays: formulas for both short and long versions
• some ideas for getting started
• how to frame your ideas in response to prompts, myths about writing personal statements strategies for freewriting and first drafts
• examples of successful personal statements and successful supplemental essays.

Session 6: Final Application Walk-Through
The series' final video provides a hands-on walk through of your college application, including:
• discussing applications’ key areas, going through a common application
• reviewing a typical state school application
• reviewing a hybrid or specialty school application
• looking at a checklist and timeline for completing applications.


David Montesano, College Admissions Strategist
David Montesano wrote the Unifluence curriculum and narrates the keynote video sessions. Termed a "new breed" of college admission consultant by The Washington Post/Newsweek, David  Montesano is founder of College Match and creator of The Montesano Methodology, an award-winning college admission methodology. Applying the techniques, tips and tools David has learned from 18 years of consulting and from admissions guru and personal advisor, Loren Pope, David has helped thousands of students around the globe reduce their anxiety and gain control over the undergraduate application process. With 96% of David's students winning admission to their dream colleges, David and his team win consistently high praise from students and their parents. David  is author of the well-received book, Brand U, 4 Steps to Get Into the College of Your Dreams and "10 Steps to Strategic College Admission" published in College Bound News. David's work and publications focused on how to prove your value and worth to colleges, ways to identity your unique value and message, the process of differentiation, and the importance of using the 3-me philosophy. David contributes to articles in US News & World Report's "Best Colleges", CBS Moneywatch Blog, Seattle Magazine, and Newsweek/Daily Beast and has appeared on CBS-TV San Francisco affiliate and radio shows including, Talk With Lee and Michael Dresser Live.

Posted by David Montesano