Defining Your College and Needs

A Process that Starts With You
The college application process starts with you, the student.  It is important to have good input from school counselors, your parents and peers.  Ultimately it is the individual student that is applying to actively engage in the admission process.

Four Visions or Life Goals
To choose the best school for the student the student should define at least 4 of his life visions and goals.  It is very helpful to define occupational goals that one wants to achieve. Identifying life long goals outside of the workplace are also an important part of the decision process.  This helps the individual to choose what schools are going to best help him accomplish his or her goal.

Why it’s Important to Choose the Right College for You
To achieve ones future goals it is very important to choose a college that will both nurture and challenge you.  Decisions like whether or not to go to an out of state college and what kind of internships you the school has available will help in the decision making process.

What is Your College Type?
In order to choose a good fit for the student an overview of college types is explored.  There are many college types and they all offer some advantages as well disadvantages when compared with others.  Defining the different college types of colleges will aid the student in finding the best match.

What are Your Mandatories?
Another important step at the beginning of the application process is defining what are mandatory “must haves” for the student.  In order to insure a good learning experience once the challenge of getting accepted is met relies a great part on how well the student selected the schools he/she applies to.  By looking at strengths and weaknesses of the student and prospective schools will help the student find a good match.

Spotlight on Academic Support for Learning Disabilities
Students come from all walks of life and many students learn better from some methods than others.  Students with learning disabilities will need to spent extra care and attention to finding the best program for their challenges.  For students who learn best from non-traditional methods it is also imperative to find a school that will best address their learning style.

Posted by David Montesano