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College Admissions Video Course

Our tutorials break down the college admissions process into six easy to follow sessions. Each 20-30 minute session covers a different facet of college admission.

Get all six Unifluence Tutorial Sessions for only $495. Review them anytime at your own convenience.

Session 1: Defining Your College Needs and Preferences

  • A process that starts with you
  • Four visions or life goals
  • Why it's important to choose the right college for you
  • What is your college type
  • What are your mandatories
  • Spotlight on academic support for learning disabilities
  • Spotlight on 5th year pre-med programs

Session 2: Sizing Up Your Academic Strengths and Weaknesses

  • List your out of class activities
  • Note positive teachers’ comments about your academic performance
  • Honestly assess your weaknesses
  • How to address lower grades or test scores
  • Examples of activity sheets
  • How to improve your grades and test scores

Session 3: Creating Your List of Colleges

  • determine your academic and social needs
  • summarize your mandatories including, majors, location, cost, social aspects
  • create a list of colleges of 1/3 reach, 1/3 even chance of admission and 1/3 very likely
  • review your colleges using and each colleges’ websites
  • Spotlight: example of schools where many employers recruit for jobs
  • decide on a balanced list of 10 or fewer colleges that best match your needs

Session 4: College Admissions Timetable

  • what are your goals?
  • examples of senior year, junior year, and sophomore year college planning schedules
  • employing the 80/20 rule
  • typical due dates for applications: benefits of early applications and regular applications
  • financial aid deadlines FAFSA, CSS PROFILE
  • scholarship deadlines. Examples.

Session 5: Conquering the College Application Essay

  • essay types: personal statements, supplemental essays: formula for both short and long
  • getting started; framing your ideas in response to prompts
  • myths about writing personal statements
  • freewriting and first drafts: example
  • examples of successful personal statements
  • examples of successful supplemental essays

Session 6: Application Walk-through

  • discussion of applications’ key areas
  • walkthrough Common Application
  • walkthrough state school application
  • walkthrough hybrid or specialty school application
  • checklist and timeline for completing applications