Thanksgiving & College Applications: A Rebuttal to the Huffington Post College Blog

The Huffington Post College Blog recently ran a story titled “College Applications and Thanksgiving” encouraging students to take a break during the Thanksgiving holiday. After all, you’ve worked so hard all year and probably won’t meet the early deadlines anyway. So you have nothing to lose at this point, right?


For some students, waiting is no longer a luxury you can afford. Planning ahead is key, but you are indeed running out of time. Scholarships are on the line. Grants are on the line. Admission is on the line. For some of you, failing to meet that December 1st deadline might mean getting waitlisted or losing a scholarship or even missing out on the chance to attend the college of your dreams altogether.

(Sorry, I know you probably didn’t want to hear that. But don’t panic. Breathe.)

Think about what you might be throwing away. And for what — turkey, mashed potatoes and conversation with Uncle Ted, the close talker, who tells the same stories every year?

Family is so incredibly important. They are your support system. That is why they will understand when you don’t spend every waking minute with them during your Thanksgiving break. In fact, they will probably encourage you to use your time wisely. By all means, have some turkey with them. Spend all Thanksgiving day with them if you think you have budgeted enough time before and after to work on your applications and essays.

But please do not take a break if you can’t afford it. You will only be hurting yourself.

Ride the momentum you’ve been building all year and keep powering through to finish what you have been working so hard for in the first place. Think about it this way. Competing today is worth more than competing tomorrow. While everyone else is taking the time to get refreshed, catch up with their friends and sleep the day away, you will be ahead of the curve and in the running for admission to the college of your dreams.

Now that’s something to be thankful for!

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Posted by David Montesano